I've installed OES (SP2) on a machine to experiment with and can't get rug
to register for updaes.
The machine is behind a firewall & hgave to authenticate to the proxy
server in order to get updates, so I've entered a valid username & password
into the proxy settings in rug.
I've made sure the /etc/novell-release file is present. Ive run
rug service-list and it returns
# | Service URI | Name
1 | https://update.novell.com/data | Novell_Update_Server

Then I've run:
rug act -s 1 xxxxxxxxxx myemail@hamcoll.sa.edu.au

and get the follwoing response:
Warning: System could not be activated: IO error - Soup error: Method Not
Allowed (405)
inventory:/home/admin # rug sa https://update.novell.com/data

ERROR: Service 'Novell_Update_Server' already exists

The same happens if I use the rug gui to do the activation.
I've used both the code I originally got when I downloaded OES and an
evaluation code, but I get the same answer either way.

It seems several people have had trouble with this, but I haven't seen and
405 errors on the forums or in the TIDs.