OK, we have an install of OES-Linux with no Novell components installed.
Now, i have been tasked with installing eDirectory onto this server and
joining it into our existing tree. If i use red carpet to install eDir,
what do install from "available software"? If i go to red carpet and click
the available software tab and type edirectory into the serach field, i see
a host of stuff, like NDSimon, cluster services. LUM, netstorage, plugins,
samba, welcome and NOVLembox. I think it is NOVLembox but not sure. The
reason i am using red carpet is because at the present time, the server's
CD drive is broken and we have ordered one from Dell (who knows how long
that will take). I guess i could just take it out, put one that works in
there and install eDir. But then, how will Linux handle the swapping of CD
drives? anyway, can someone inform me which package to install eDir using
red carpet? Thanks for any help