We want to create a wireless network. W'd like to authenticate the
accounts against a radius server, so we thought setting up a freeradius
server running on open enterprise server (linux).

I installed an open enterprise server and deselected all Novell products.
So NO edirectory, eguide, ifolder, etc.... Also I choose to skip CA
creation. We already have multiple edirectory servers, where one
of these servers is the Master CA.
I assume we can also use this CA server? Anyone for proper documentation
about this?

I installed the radius npm on a netware server running Imanager 2.5 and
tried to extend the schema. This does not go well, because of a
conflicting class. I get the following error message :

Schema conflict detected. Conflict details: [ ObjectClass Name(OID):
rADIUSProfile(2.16.840.1.113719. Conflicts with Freeradius
Objectclass : radiusprofile( ]
Would you like to continue extending the rest of the class(es) and
Attribute(s) ?

I do not want to delete the current 'RADIUS:Profile' class, but I still
want to use freeradius & eDirectory to integrate. What can be done about
this? Why is Novell using both classes, knowing that the freeradius schema
extension always conflicts with a current edirectory/nmas combination?

I hope someone can help me out. I can not find anything about this,
besides deleting classes, which we can't in our setup.

Fred Radon