Trying to mount a NetWare volume as a local volume on OES 9sp2 L.

Using the following command at a console prompt:

mount -t ncpfs /mnt/mail_gw -o user=.admin.Org -o

This returns: Channel number out of range

Googling does not return any useful leads.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I am following the instructions as shown below:

19.2.1 Making a NetWare or Windows Server Visible from Linux

To make a NetWare or Windows server visible from Linux, you mount the
directory you need to access as a Linux file system.

Table 19-2 Creating a Connection from Linux to NetWare or Windows

Operating System

Connection Method


mount -t ncpfs NetWare_server_full_DNS_name
-o user=fully_qualified_username
-o ipserver=NetWare_server_full_DNS_name

A NetWare server full DNS name should have the format of A fully qualified username should have the format
of Admin.Users.Corporate. A typical Linux mount location would be /mnt.