First, sorry for a couple of stupid questions. I've been out of the Novell
game for a couple years and forced to work in the Windows Server area. As
the SysAdmin here I have the chance to purchase OES 10 and run with it.
The last Novell experience I have is Netware 6.5 so please somebody help
me catch up.
First, I've dl'd all the OES demo ISOs and have installed the whole thing
on a test server. After installing and reinstalling several times I went
back a step and installed Netware. Does Netware need to be installed for
OES to work?
Second, on the OES desktop I open the SUSE shortcut and select the Novell
OES Welcome page. This now only brings me to the Apache page telling me
the web server is working. I need to know what else I need to load or
change to get this part to work or is there another way to access iManager?
Thanks for any help.