Tried to install eDirectory and it is hanging at stage: "Configure and start eDirectory using "ndsconfig".

It is hanging endlesly until i reboot the server.

I can see, that the server and server-ps object was created, but then it is hanging....

Here the ndsd.log:

Apr 25 11:06:20 Path of Novell eDirectory configuration file /etc/nds.conf
Apr 25 11:06:21 Init NCPServer
Apr 25 11:06:21 DSRegisterSignalHandler succeeded for signal 63
Apr 25 11:06:21 Host process for Novell eDirectory v10552.79 successfully started
Apr 25 11:06:21 MASVInit called
Apr 25 11:06:21 MASV : Initialized
Apr 25 11:06:22 Opening NCPServer
Apr 25 11:06:22 NCP Server name SV82-FW-SEM1
Apr 25 11:06:22 GAMS Loaded Successfully
Apr 25 11:06:22 Information: SNMP Trap Server for Novell eDirectory v10550.80 started.

Apr 25 11:06:22 NDS iMonitor 2.3.1 for Novell eDirectory v20210.67 started successfully.
Data from file:
DAC:b:20:f9:ff:57:79:ba:5d:c4:5f:e1:8d:85:8c:b8:f9 :03:fb:b5:70:89:3f
DAC2:b:20:2a:ae:46:50:db:24:8d:70:b9:7b:6c:10:ab:4 8:68:d8:f3:49:e5:8e

Nici Dir: /var/novell/nici/
Apr 25 11:06:23 Novell PKI Services Started Successfully
Apr 25 11:07:56 V
Apr 25 11:07:56 Configuration utility for Novell eDirectory v10553.27
Loader Failed:for dxevent,error dxevent: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory,errno 2
NCP Engine Mounting Volume SYS
Primary path: /usr/novell/sys
Apr 25 11:08:12 Digest MD5 LSM Error, unable to SAL Module Handle - -5996
Apr 25 11:08:12 Digest MD5 Method LCM Error, unable to SAL Module Handle - -5996
Apr 25 13:15:27 Received invalid signal -1.
Apr 25 13:15:27 Got SIGINT/SIGTERM signal, server shutting down

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you in advance

UVEX SafetyGroup
Andreas Ebert