Hi all,

I'm new at linux, however, my company want to move our existing NW6.5 (SP6)
environment to OES Linux. Our NW servers is only serve for our Corp.
GroupWise system (current using GW 6.5 and plan to move to GW7.0 at the same

I already download and read the OES installation document. I follow those
steps but can't make it work. At this moment, I don't need to know all
functions that can provide by OES Linux. I just need to ensure our GroupWise
system can install on the OES Linux server and "up-and-running".

Here are my questions:

1. What version of OES Linux I need?
2. Is there any TID / Documentation that I can follow? (join tree, create
nss volume, adminstrate the server)

Thanks and Regards,