I have installed eDir on a OES-Server into a tree with 3 NW-Servers.
But i get an error about LDAP authentication against all 3 netware-servers.
But the eDiretoy is now never the less on this OES up and running.
(O.K. i had around 60% of installation-process an error message, again
It was also possible to give a RW-replication to this server.
the server is visible in the tree.
But iManager is not running (ip://nps/imnager.html),
nor is a OES-web-server in the ip-adress.
What should i do now:
- go ahead, install iManager (how?), install NSS
- delete the server, install temp a NW 6.5 on a different hardware,
and setup the OES again (i think then LDAp is working fine)
- other ideas