Okay, maybe I'm just too old to be learning new stuff, but I'm spending
more and more time googling and reading than getting any work done, so
I'm wondering where people go to get installation and configuration help
for the applications you want to run after you install Linux? It took
me a day to get my ftp running, and now I'm installing postfix and
mailman. Though they are included on the OES CDs there is nothing in
the documentation (that I can find) past running Yast to install
software. When I'm searching on the net I've found various documents on
how to configure things and test them on RedHat or Ubuntu or Debian, but
nothing specific to SUSE so when it doesn't work the way they say, I
don't know if it's because of the OS or the application.

I was hoping that if I restricted myself to the stuff in OES, I could
get some instructions from support.novell.com, but that's not working
out so far.

Does everyone just go out and get an O'Reilly book for each thing you
want to do? I could possibly justify the cost of a new bookshelf, and I
don't mind spending the time reading, if it's going to mean that I can
actually produce something that my boss would like to happen (like a
mailing list).