Here we go around again. I have a new install on some HP DL360-G5's and I
was following the documentation to use EVMS so I can use NSS. I have a
RAID 5 array with SATA disks, and I started the install, created all the
partions, Volumes, etc. Then I got an error saying it couldn't format and
mount the volumes created by EVMS.

I did a search on the forums and found there were issues with HP's and
YAST (TID:2971770) (from 2005 by the way) with the nameing of the disks.
Sooooo, it said to download an old fixed CD-1 and start again, so I did
and when I went into partioning, it said I don't have any disk, and I
can't go any further.

I called in a realized I had no support, not even with a new install just
purchased, but I could card $650 if I wanted it fixed (nice).

So I thought I would post here for some assistance.

Thanks in advance,