When i try to install ose SP2 i get this message on my hp proliant DL385
G2 server:

Your computer does not fulfill all requirements for a graphical
installation. There is less than 96 MB memory or the X server could not be
started. As a fallback, the text front-end of YaST will guide you through
the installation. This front-end offers the same functionality as the
graphical one, but the screens differ from those in the manual."

but before i even get this message it tells me that i am trying to install
a 32-bit sortware onto a 64-bit computer. but what gets me it that
yesterday i installed suse 10.1 with great ease, but i soon realized tthat
i didnt need to. i just need the server to be a netware network avaliable

What can I do to resolve these problems.

Thanks,. David