I have been trying to get OES to install onto an old piece of server
hardware, I got the server for free, and I'm just wanting to test OES on
it. However, during the install process I get stuck at the part just after
the server reboots. The server hangs at the shutdown process with the
error, umount /mnt device is busy, and I have to power it off, and then
when I restart it starts going through several screens until it gets to a
point where the screen goes blank (still on though because I get a green
light on the monitor, but the drives look as though they are at full
utilization and nothing comes back, I have to shut it down and restart but
still ceases at this point. The server has 1GB of ram, and dual PII 450
MHZ processors, I do receive a warning at startup telling me that the
voltage regulator is bad on processor 1 ,but I don't think that is what is
stopping the server from moving forward. Just wondered if anyone had any
ideas I could look into, I had been running NetWare on it for quite awhile
so I know the server works, thanks again.