We have a dell 2950 with attached external storage of MD1000 series with
the total of 10Tbyte. I have installed the SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
with OES SP2 and enable the EVMS for the creation of NSS volume. The
server have two raid cards. Build-in Perc/5I (integrated raid controller)
which connected with 2 73GB hard drive running Raid 1. External Raid card
Perc/5E which connected to the Dell MD1000 External storage (raid 5).
Apparently all the drivers of raid controller are up to date. I can create
the NSS Pools on the hard drives connected to the internal raid card but I
can't create any NSS Pools on the MD1000 storage. why? But again I can
create LVM as well as EVMS partitions on the external storage under the
EVMSgui Utility or Linux Partitioner using Yast. If you use NSSMU or
imanager , i can't create any nss pool on this external storage box. any
idea ?