We are migrating from NW 6.5 to OES Linux. According to what I've read,
it is necessary to LUM-enable user accounts in order for the users to be
able to access NSS volumes on the OES Linux servers.

In a test environment I LUM-enabled our users (iManager, Roles and Tasks,
Linux User Management, Enable Users for Linux). I confirmed that there
are UID's, GID's, Login Shell, and Home Directory entries in the user
acccount properties. Then, as a test, I created a user account, but did
not LUM-enable the account. I confirm there is no UID, GID, etc. in the
account properties. This non-LUM-enabled user has just as much access to
the NSS volume on our OES Linux server as an LUM-enabled user.

Can someone suggest why this is?

Thank you.