I've just installed a SLES-based Open Enterprise Server beta build
303. Got it running in a test-tree I already had, and succeeded in
creating a NSS Volume on a NSS Pool.

Now I'd like to export this NSS Volume via NFS. I added it to
/etc/exports and started the Linux NFS server. However, when I try tomount it I get:

# mount oes:/media/nss/OESVOL /mnt/oes/
mount: oes:/media/nss/OESVOL failed, reason given by server:
Permission denied

This is strange, since the server is saying (in /var/log/messages):

Mar 4 03:35:48 oes rpc.mountd: authenticated mount request from
client:715 for /media/nss/OESVOL (/media/nss/OESVOL)

This means that the mount daemon thought the request was OK, so the
permission denied comes later.

I suspect that the reason is that NSS is not permitting the mount forsome reason. Am I right?

How do I add permissions so the NSS volume can be exported via NFS?

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