I can't copy to the NCP volumes of my new OES.
I installed the Server without any problems with the help of the
Novell documentation. Now i can see and manage the Server in the NDS,
it has a few strange errors. Everytime I want to show the properties
of the
OES NCP Volume it brings up an error message with the error code -726.

After that I can manage the Server without any Problems.
The other problem is the copy function of the Server.
I can create and delete new folders, create, save and delete new files
i can't copy files or folders to the Volumes of the new server.
The really strange thing is that I can copy some files but i can't see
The files, that I can copy can be modyfied but the files I can't copy
be modyfied.
It doesn't matter if the source is a windowsclient or a linuxclient or