Hello Everyone,

Im trying to get Net-SNMP up and running on an OES box and I seem to be having some problems. Our WAN guys run an application that gives an up or down status of servers just based off ping so our district administrators can see if anything is down. Currently all of my OES box's are showing down and that just don't look to good.

It seems Net-SNMP is installed by default so I download Webmin (Im still new to all this and Webmin makes it pretty easy) and set Net-SNMP to load now and load at startup.

That's all I have done. I asked our WAN guys who run RedHat what they did to get there's up and running and they did the exact same thing I did, but it works for them. One thing that is different is I have the network cards bonded and they do not. Could this be causing my trouble?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Erick Jones
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Indianapolis Public Schools
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