First a little background. This odyssey began trying to setup iFolder
2.5 on a fresh OES Linux install (test bench). Now when you kick off
the iFodler applet from inside Network Services it runs the iFolder
configuration utility. All is well you can put whatever you like in
for the configuration. (Note this install assumes you do not initially
have a working nameserver setup on your test bench) ONce you complete
the config tasks you will receive a message that it cannot do a reverse
lookup and it will recommend you correct the issue and start over.
Fine. So I decided to setup a BIND service on the OES box. NOw I have
quite a bit of experience monkeying with BIND (since it provides my
production networks DNS services) So to my dismay when I go to setup
bind that there is not any method for doing reverse lookup records and
the YaST utility doesn't seem to generate one either. What I ended up
doing was creating a .rev file in the /master folder to go along with
the master zone file in that directory. Then going into /etc and
adding the appropriate lines in named.conf. Just curious as to why the
reverse lookup stuff is missing? Seems odd.

iFolder installs fine now.