I have a test machine at home that i've installed OES to. I've been
trying to get a wireless DLink usb nic working in it with (I think) a
prism chip. I have it defined and set up but when I plug it in
nothing happens. I understand usb devices are different than static
devices like ethernet pci devices. How should I be getting OES or
SLES to recognize this device?

It is recognized via HWInfo and at a terminal window using lsusb to
probe the device. I've tried using ifup wlan-bus-usb -o hotplug but
it says it's not defined or available. The file exists in
etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-wlan-bus-usb (or something close to that).

If I use lsusb I can see it and all. Should I be trying to use the
wireless stuff under YAST or using ndiswrapper to use the windows

Thanks in advance, Oksana