I am building an OES / Linux environemnt - I'm having a problem with SLP.

I have set up 2 SLPDA running on Linux, and all of the other servers are
configured to use these DAs. All seems to be fine - I can see entries for
all the servers using slptool (bindery.novell) and for the tree / patitions

My problem is that windows PCs don't seem to be able to use the SLPDA to
resolve server names.

For example, it I type \\b1-lx-c1\sys I want windows to take me to the 'SYS
Volume' on server b1-lx-c1 - however it says 'Windows cannot find server

Similarly when I attempt a drive mapping when logging in, it comes back with
a server unknown error.

The client is configured to use the DA configured above, statically -
slpinfo shows that the DAs are up and that packets are going to and fro.

Using SLP Snoop, I can see all the DA's entries.

There is one NetWare server in the tree - I am able to resolve its name
using a UNC. The only difference seems to be that it has an entry for
nwserver.novell, whereas the linux servers don't. Any ideas?

Many thanks