I'm not sure if this is the correct posting spot. I'm working with Novell
Samba services on an OES SUSE Linux server, and I recieve the following
error when I try to set it up.

"The RPM's for Samba need to be installed you may continue to install the
RPM's or cancel to abort the install I click <continue>"

The installation of Samba failed to install all required RPM's <OK>"
is the only option and when I click it the install stops

I'm still pretty new to Linux, and OES versions. I was wondering if I
could use the Normal Samba server that comes with SUSE, but I don't know
how to configure it. Could someone point me in the right direction for
documentation, and or share some experices that they have had with trying
to setup Samba on SUSE. Thank you for any help that you can offer.