Hey guys,
What I don't understand is all this attention to Samba, smb is an inferior
network protocal to ncp, as is anything trumpeted by M$, IMHO we should be
working more on integrating ncp into linux and let M$ make there stuff work
with Linux. IMHO there is no better filesystem than NSS and connecting to
it using ncp blows everything else out of the water. I run a school network
with 14 Netware 65sp4 servers and I am not going to replace them willy-
nilly,I suspect many of my counterparts feel the same way. If I had a
client for NLD that replicated the services that the win32 client does, I
would already be M$ free. I have already replaced one of the two M$
application servers I have, the one left is a terminal server. my
departments have either found open source alternatives to their needs or
web server based applications. I can't wait for a DLU (dynamic local user)
process. so please if anyone has knowledge of a group or forum dedicated to
integrating any linux desktop in this fashion let me know.