We've got an HP BL20p set up with OES (Linux) SP2. It's running as a
GroupWise server, and our users have no problems connecting. However,
I'm having real problems giving anyone file access to the NSS volumes on
the server.

If I clear off all connections (via NRM) or restart ndsd, I can get
*one* connection from a Windows client. Browsing to \\servername shows
all volumes (SYS, GRPWISE and DATA), and click down into each volume I
can read data, write data, everything looks normal.

If I try and connect from another client - or even reboot the same PC
and try to reconnect, I can see the SYS volume but it's read only
(almost as if I'm not logged in), and the other volumes are listed but
when I try to connect to them:

\\servername\volumename is not accessible. You might not have permission
to use this network resource. COntact the administrator of this server
to find out if you have access permissions.
The network name cannot be found.

Looking in NRM, the connection is logged in, authenticated and looks
"normal", and the connection is using the same credentials.

Can anyone help?