I have a problem where I'm currently not sure whether it's hardware dependent or OS-dependent.
Taking a desktop -PC (for test) installing Suse-Linux 9.x with ncp packages.
Writing a script that makes severals mounts to samba an netware machines (with smbmount and ncpmap commands).
This scipts run every minute and if detecting missing mounts it tries to umount and remount the missing ones.
-This functionality is neeeded, 'cause other scripts on this system using those mounts to mirror files from those remote machines to the local system as part of backup facilities.
Also several remote SUN machines are snycing the oracle archive logs to this machin using rsync.

Now I took a brand new HP DL380 server (dual processors, 4gig of ram), installed Open Enterprise Server, also with ncp-package and moved all those scripts to this power-machine.

Every night, when also tape backups are running on all those servers that are also accesses by this server for backing up / snycing files the machine starts hanging. (this server itself wont be backed up by our tape backup software).

Coming into office at morning, trying to login using ssh I first get a login screen, putting in username, getting password prompt, putting in password an pressing enter. Right here nothing mor happens....
Going to the server console, doing a login seems working.
Doing a ps <Enter> works
Doing a ps -ef <enter> getting some lines of the ps and then the screen stops, hangs. pressing CTRL-C gets back onto console.
Trying to do a normal shutdown or init 6 doesnt work. Onl< shutdown -rn gets the system rebooting.

Changing the cronjob, that checks the mount, so that in run inly every minute between 9am and 5pm helps a bit, Now only on some days the server hangs at morning.

Seems to be that something on the server starts hanging on high network load, or better, starts hanging, when remote servers (that are currently backed up) might not answer fast enough, when the server tries to access the (ncp/samba-)mounted path's.

Not I'm not sure whether it might be:
-a problem with OpenEnterprise Server on a HP DL380
-a problem with OpenEnterprise Server with ncp and samba mounts
-a problem with the versins of ncp-package on open enterprise server

Kicking off OES from the server and installing a normal Suse Pro might answer this question a bit, but I dont like this way. So maybe someone have some ideas to solve this problem?
Now I'm n