A little new here so please have patience with me...Installed OES server -
great, works like a charm. Practicing along and then decided to buy a new
router to incorporate some wireless funcionality and buy a laptop. Great,
everything works except when I try to set up new IP information on the OES
it didn't stick at first, so I figured out that I had to use Inetcfg.nlm
but I can't find anywhere to add in the gateway or declare the router uses
DHCP. I know my router is dishing out IP with DHCP, and the range is
enough and I know the router gateway (because I set it up on the Windows XP
workstation and laptop). Can you tell me how I would go about getting this
thing back on the web? The settings look correct but when I open the
incorporated browser on the server it just said error opening page or page
not found or whatever. The router is a Linksys 10/100 4 port (wireless w/
SRX 400 too). Just now I thought maybe I could manually edit in the
gateway because it doesn't show up like it used to before I changed it, but
the text in the ncf file says not to touch it unless through the program
(autoexec.ncf in SYS:\SYSTEM)

Help please!