Installed OES 9 SP2 on an IBM 346. I updated the OS and the Kernel via rug.
I reboot the server, setup Samba and had 4 individuals setup to access the
server. I used iManager to create the Linux users and to make them Samba
users. Each time I logout or reboot, a list comes up of all the users that
I created and they were all able to attach to their shares. Today I went
into Yast to install some software and it told me that there were some
software conflicts with Autofs and the kernal. I checked to resolve the
conflicts and to downgrade the kernel .. as that is what it suggested to
do. I reboot the server. The list of names did not come up with the KDE GUI
login and I could not login as anyone other than root. I also noticed that
the group name in the samba share files and directories were no longer
there, just the GUID. The users now cannot attach to the Samba shares. Even
if I create them locally on the Linux box, they still cannot attach. They
get Access Denied errors. Even root cannot attache to the Samba shares.

Can anybody help me with this ? ....