Hi all--
I went through the list of forums for the closest match to my question.
Hope I have it right! Here goes:

I have a client with 10 NetWare 5.1 sp8, eDir 8.7.3 servers spread across a
WAN. PCs are Windows XP. All PCs are in workgroup mode as opposed to being
members of a Windows domain. Until now, end users would, at login,
authenticate to eDirectory and use a generic login (i.e. XPUser) for Windows
local login. Policy changes at my client's office will be requiring unique
user logins for Windows authentication. My client does not wish to
administer these logins at the individual PC level. Neither my client nor I
wish to implement a Win2003 / AD server to accomplish this task.

Question: Will OES accomplish this task, perhaps using Samba? I know that
Samba can "simulate" NT PDC / AD to some extent. If so, I'm assuming that
the Samba user database and eDirectory are / can be tightly integrated
(don't want to administer user accounts in two places). I need
authentication only--no need for Group Policy etc.

If Linux /Samba will not handle the task, can someone offer a Novell
alternative (ZEN????) that would do so?