I'm not absolutely shure if I'm right here.
(And I hadn't to do for a very long time with Netware)

We have an (old) automated installation environment for PCs
with Netware 4.11 and 5 servers and floppy/usb-DOS-Images
with Netware ODI-drivers. It's still IPX-bases because of an old
Btrieve-Database on one of the Netware servers.
We still need this environment for our old products (and
don't want to buy pervasive sql).

What we need is something like a gateway (IP to IPX) or an IP-Tunnel.
Heared that already Netware 5 had the possibility to tunnel
ipx in ip. Do the newer products (OES or NCP f. linux)
have newer/better features to support one of my suggested two ways ??

And does somebody know if there any DOS IP-Tunnel drivers (ODI, NDIS) ?