I've just got Suse Linux Enterprise Server.

I'm pretty new to Linux and there are two main things I want to do with
this box.

1. We have an ADSL Modem connected to the Internet with a single dynamic IP
address. I want to be able to connect this with an ethernet card to the
Belkin ADSL Modem on one NIC and another NIC which will connect me to my
Switch (I'm currently using Windows for this function).

We have a number of machines connected to the switch and they all share the
internet connection. A different Windows box hosts dynDNS which keeps the
IP Address sync'd with the dynDNS domain. This all works fine on a Windows

Exactly how do I do the same thing with the SuSE box. I want to get rid of
the Microsoft ICS box.

2. I want to set up a DNS Server on the same box to handle the local
machines. At the moment they use a Hosts file and the DNS is provided by
the Belkin ADSL Router, so the DNS on the internal boxes all point to and ditto for the gateway.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated in simple steps. so I can get
to grips with this. I've read a lot of articles, but emerge none the wiser,
because they are too verbose.