We just switched from Win2003 server to SLES10. The question may look
trivial to some old Linux geeks, but I simply don't understand whats
happening here:
Of course I set up user and groups which we use for NFS as well as for
Samba. Our test group uses SLED10 on a terminal server as well as some
individual machines.
The user can access the folders as it should be with some weird exceptions:
Quite often we do have files with rwxrwx--- rights. The owner and the
group can do everything, otherns can not even read. A user of the matching
group can read and open the file, but not change anything. This happens in
a very unregular and not trackable way. When I check the file rights
everything looks fine, so the user should be able to modify. Changing to
rwxrwxrwx solves the problem, but this solution is not acceptable.
What is the cause and how to approach???