After a lot of sweat and tears, we found that after the installation of
Insight Manager Support Pack (for SLE9) on OES SP2 we had a big performance
drop with are NCP share. It turn out that Insight Manager Support Pack
install version 3.4.14pi-NAPI e100 driver. Reverting back to the driver
install by OES SP2 - e100 version 3.4.14a-NAPI we have a 70% boost !!!

Looking in the web I did find anything for driver 3.4.14pi-NAPI and
3.4.14a-NAPI. In fact I don't know what the "pi-NAPI" or the "a-NAPI" means
? I can find info for 3.4.14 but those particular version, nothing !!

Anyone knows about this ? Why the HP driver are so slow ?

Thanks a lot,

Louis-Steve Desjardins