hi all,

I've a problem with recreating a ncp share. The linux oes sp2 sevrer is
fully patched.

I had a ncp share "data" from a nss volume under /media/nss/DATAVOL.
I've moved the content of this to a REISERFS under /data and would then
make a ncp share "data" of this new directory. Under ncpcon I deleted
the ncp share after dismounting it.

In ncpserv.conf is no reference to the old, in /etc/fstab although nothing.

When I now want to create the new ncp share with the name "data" I
receive "Volume DATA could not be created, error 22.". When I use
another name for this, it worked.

So how could I get rid off the old ncp share name from the nss volume so
I could reuse this name?

Any suggestion or help is appreciate. Thank you in advance.

Greetings, Mark