For many years before Novell got into Linux I ran our university web
server on a Linux box remotely mounting the file system from a NetWare
box using ncpfs. This worked great for many years. Recently I upgraded
the NetWare box from 5.1 to 6.5.5 and the Linux box from RedHat 7.2 to
SLES9/OES and moved both to new much faster hardware. The problem is
that the Linux box keeps dropping the connection to the NetWare box. I
have increased the ncpfs settings for timeout and retries to no avail.
What little info I could find on the web about this suggested that the
NCP sequence numbers get out of sync causing the NetWare box to close
the connection. This is a serious problem for me and any help would be

Paul Lieberman
Network Services Manager
IT/Computing Services
Southern Oregon University
Ashland, OR