I've a complex problem infact :
I've try to read some files from OES server.

The files are stored on HDD installed on OES server (suse 9.0).
The hard disk (hdb1) use SFS File System (Safe File System).
The hard disk mount use "mount -t ntfs /dev/hdb1 /backup".
The /backup directory is on the other HDD (hda1) uses Reiser FS.
I've try to read and copy some files and directorys from hdb1
to hda1, I haven't problems (use cp or konqueror commands).

In the next time I've think read from this files/directory directly from
my workstation (it use windows novell client).
I've create a e-dir volume on the server use "ncpcon create LNX / ..."
I had put rights on my user using "Console one".
Finally on the workstation I've maped a G: drive connected to the server
and \backup directory.

If I copy the file with name <= 8 chars I haven't problems but I try to
the file with name >= 8 chars the Windows errors occurse 'File name not
exist !'.

Why ?

Help me !