I'm about to configure a system of about 10 servers with OES (SLES9). They
all share access to a SAN (probably HP EVA). Several of the servers need
access to the same (large volume) data. Not concurrent access to the same
file, but rather let a server read a file that another server has finished
writing (time bound). When trying to find info of how this is best done it
seems like it leads up to different cluster solutions but that's not what
I want, since HA is solved by VmWare (and that means that servers can can
move between physical machines)

My questions are:

How do I realise this shared access in the 'best' way?
Which filesystem? nss?
How to find a specifc shared volume when a system is booted?
How can I handle LUN's that gets expanded in the SAN?

Regards Bengt