I met with our Novell rep the other day and he got me jazzed about trying
the oes eval. I downloaded the ten disks. Ran install and all seems to
work(although the frustration of getting and configuring the video card
driver is a glaring example of why Linux can't beat M$ for normal users).
When I try to log into it from my xp workstation, it can't find the tree.
If I manually type the tree, context and server ip in the appropriate box,
it logs in fine and works well. I tried going through C1 and slp isn't an
object. What am I doing wrong?

On an unrelated note, using Imanager, I created an NSS volume, but could
not add the correct rights to my everyone group for them to see it. I
went through C1/Rights to Files... and it works fine. Am I missing
something in IManager?

Thanks for your help. All in all, it seems like a pretty good next step
for Netware.