I am trying to find information on how to migrate an iprint server from
Netware 6.5sp3 to OES Linux. According to the documentaition it is
apparently so easy they don't have to mention it. Just add it to the
cluster and migrate the resources and you are done. All of the iprint
migration references I can find are moving to a netware oes server.

But I am not able to find a way to migrate and NW6.5 NDPS manager to an OES
Linux "iPrint Manager". If you look in imanager on a Netware server, the
object type is a NDPS Manager, on Linux imanager it is an iPrint Manger
object. One imanager plugin cannot modify the other type of manager.

From the documentation, it didn't look like the Linux iprint manager stored
it's database in edirectory like the old ndps manager. Is it possible to
load an existing ndps manager on an oes linux? Is there a conversion tool?
Do you have to copy the database files?

I am just looking for a way for my clients not to have to reinstall iprint
printers. All of our users are using an iprint client 4.05 with secure
printers. Some printers created pre-sp3 with https://, and some with ipp://
in secure mode. It wouldn't be the end of world if I had to recreate the
200+ printers, as long as the users don't have to reinstall their printers.


- James