I wonder if anyone has come across this before.

I have the following setup:
Suse 9.3 Server setup as a PDC
Samsung CLP-510 Printer connected to Suse via USB cable
40-odd Windows XP workstation Network

I installed the Samsung CLP-510 Linux drivers, and can print to it. Then I
shared the printer via Samba, and from the Windows workstations I can see
the printer. My problem comes when I want to connect to the printer and
print to it.

The printer installs (after trying for a while to get the drivers to
download to the windows workstations), but when I print a test page,
theOn-Line button on the printer flashs three times, but nothing comes out.
The printer's display then just displays "wasting Data...." for about 10
seconds, and then it says ready again. Can someone please shed some light
on the subject for me?