We have an application that uses specific fonts that need to be
downloaded to the printer before the job prints. They are PCL fonts.

A long time ago we would capture a printer to LPT1 and then run a
program that would push the fonts to LPT1, then we'd print from the

When we went to iPrint I talked to the iPrint developers and they came
up with a great idea that has served us well. They suggested creating a
print banner that was actually the font file. That way, when anyone
tried printing to one of the printers setup for the application, it
would automatically send the fonts as a banner and things worked great.

That capability is gone in the iPrint for OES Linux. You can no longer
create custom banners so we can't send the fonts. Does anyone know a
way around this? Is anything coming (maybe in OES 2) that will add the
functionality back? Or, does anyone know another way to do it?