Server pauses loading at TSAFS and gives options. You have to hit an
option before it will continue. Can someone tell me how to just let it
fly past this?? Console output below. The last line is where it stops
and waits.

Thanks in advance.

Loading Module TSANDS.NLM [
OK ]
Usage: TSAFS <options>
Options: Are case insensitive require = between switch and
value, and no spaces in between
/? Display this help information.
[RuntimeOnly, Type: Informational]
Help Display this help information.
[RuntimeOnly, Type: Informational]
Version Display version information for TSAFS.NLM
[Type: Informational]
/ReadBufferSize Bytes of data read by a read operation
[Type: Value = 65536, Range : 16384-262144]
/ReadThreadsPerJob Number of read threads for a job
[Type: Value = 4, Range : 1-32]
Loading Module HT2SOAP.NLM [
OK ]
/ReadThreadAllocation Maximum number of read threads (as a percentage)
can process a data set
[Type: Value = 100, Range : 10-100]
/ReadAheadThrottle Maximum number of data sets to read ahead
[Type: Value = 2, Range : 1-32]
/CacheMemoryThreshold Percentage of total memory that can be used for
caching data sets
[StartupOnly, Type: Value = 25, Range : 1-25]
/(No)Cluster Specifying whether a failback-failover is
supported or
[StartupOnly, Type: (no)switch, Value = True ]
/EnableGW Enables GroupWise Database Backup

<ESC>-cancel output C-Continuous <Enter>-next line <OTHER KEYS>-next screen