I have a problem with licensing. It seems that when somebody turns off
their machine the connections are being held and I get the notorious
message on the system console

7-18- 2005 11:43pm server-5.70-3651
Severity = 1 locus = 14 class = 2
Policy Manager - (5.00-035) Update connection License failed Error #
c0001001 (user.context.tree-name)
(note the time, it happened when there was nobody here)

I just upgraded 5.1 to 6.5 a week ago. I looked at the problem yesterday
because I started hearing about some of the users not being able to
login. I checked NWadmin under licensing and it showed all 100 licenses

I then had to start removing connections that had been in place for
several days. This then allowed additional users to login.

A little more back ground. As I installed the upgrade 100 user licences
the java x windows screen accepted the new server licences (1000
servers) but the `100 user licenses it would not install.

I had to install it after the fact with Nwadmin.

Any help would be appreciated.