When I create a new user object and use a template, I get an error
stating "Setting password failed. User created but cannot login until a
valid password or empty password has been set" "Error 601 - Object name
entered could not be found in the context specified"

The object still gets created but only picks up part of the template
settings. Unfortunately, none of the real important settings make it
through. I don't check the "Define Additional Properties" box. I also
check "Assign NDS Password" & "Prompt User on First logon".


ConsoleOne 1.3.6c
NW Client 4.91 on XP SP2 machine


-Removed & Re-installed ConsoleOne
-Deleted and re-created a new template
-Removed and re-installed NW client
-Time is synchronized on the server
-Tried -forcemaster switch but no help

I'd use NWADMIN but I need to create the GroupWise account while I'm
creating the user.

Any ideas?