Hi all,

I am currently running netware 6 as our main office file server and am
using windows xp machines to connect to the novell server. All the users
on each machine are using local profiles on the xp machines. The thing
that im getting tired of is setting up the users on dif machines
everytime we get a new employee, I have to go to each workstation and
setup their profile as well as there user name on the novell server. What
I would like to be able to do is create one user profile on a xp
workstation and carry that same profile to the other machines. Im sure
this is possible but im not sure what my best approach is. I realize I
still need to add the user to the novell server and assign the user
rights each time which I don't mind , but setting up a new user in xp on
every workstation is a real pain. Anyone have a good solution for me?