Dear All,

I am using a NW6 and just installation NW6SP5e and NW6NSS5c, after applied
those patches. Some colleague reported some folders in the NSS volume has
lost, and all the folders is named by Chinese characters. After checked
with ConsoleOne we found those folders still in the NSS volume, and only the
colleague running Win2K and WinXP with client 4.91 can't view those folders,
but Win98 with client 3.4 hasn't problem to view those folders.

Moreover, I have found another problem after applied the patches is the
backup software (Veritas BackupExec 9.0) reported many files named with
Chinese characters isn't able to backup, due to "Insufficent privilege for
<file path and name> Skipped".

Any suggestion for this issue?


S. T. Wong