We have a NW6 SP5 server, with NSS volumes.
We have a database application that has a front end (forms, queries,
reports) which sits on the individual PCs. This front end has table links to
a database residing on the server.
The database is accessed by little over 5 people at any one time, yet ever
since its implementation, it has been painfully slow, has been dropping
connections completely (giving errors accessing database at the PC end), and
is being corrupt (needing DB repair) several times a week.
The database has been completely overhauled, and this makes no difference.

We have had problems in the past with slow database access on a Netware
server, and its never been fixed as it was put down to the ammount of "file
locks" the server OS allows you (when compared to say a win2k server)

They are access databases

Any ideas?