I ahve two NW65-SP3 boxes. Both are Proliant ML350 G3's, 2GB RAM. One has
a 2.2 MHz proc, the other a 3.066 GHz proc. Both have cache levels of
around 40-42%. My NSS volumes are patched to them most current levels. My
understanding is that with NW65-SP3, NSS is automatically configured (per
this forum). But, my performance seems to be degrading, and/or at the very
least, consistantly poor.

Do I just need to add more RAM, or is there any documentatio that will
allow me to configure my NNS info. I've asked that question before, buyt
what little guidance I received was confusing at best. Isn't there any
info on what I can add into a nssstart.cfg file? No one has been able to
give me any definitive input. TID10012765 is almost of no value.