G'day All,

I'm trying to migrate Data from one Clustered Volume to the same
Clustered (on the Same Server) using the Novell Server Consolidation
Utility. I am getting an SMDR Error.

I can copy between non-clustered Volumes (on the same server) without

Is there anything special that has to be done to make the NSCU work with
clustered volumes?

The Error that NSCU is giving me is:

Error '(Look at the SYS\SYSTEM\MIGERROR.LOG file on the destination
server for more information about this error.) SMSConnOpen Xfffefff0 -
NWSMDR error: The specified TSA does not exist.' occurred attempting to
open the connection to the SMDR from server 'PA-CL1_SC_DATA7' to
server 'PA-CL1_SC_DATA7'. Make sure the TSA's are loaded on both
servers. If connection problems persist, try editing the destination
server's Sys:\etc\Hosts file, and insert an entry for each source server
(include IP address and Source Server name). See the Troubleshooting
section in the user documentation for possible solutions to this error.

I'm running:
NW6.5 SP2
TSAFS 6.50.09 (same version that NSCU uses)
SMDR 6.54.01 (same version that NSCU uses)

Thanks for any help!