> 1. Why does the NSS.NLM start taking upo more memory one I do a purge or a
> backup?

A purge or backup traverses the complete directory structure - NSS will
cache as much of it as it has been configured to do.

> 2. If I need to restart the server should I use the server -u406925312
> switch to make sure to make sure enough logical address space is allocated
> during startup?

Yes. Edit autoexec.bat to add that to the server.exe startup command.

> 3. I also noticed that the tune logical address space in the NRM say to
> change from 1,073,741,824 to 1,268,000,000 and then restart the server with
> the -u391000000 switch. If I make this change, it says to insert this
> command into the appropriate configuration file. What is the appropriate
> configuration file.

The appropriate file is autoexec.bat "server.exe -u3910000000". Use the
tune memory carefully, you should check it during normal peak utilization.

> 4. The server has only been runnig for about 2 1/2 days. Is it too early
> to tune the logical address space.

Maybe - you need yto do it when it is under its "normal" peak load.

> One of the concerns I have is that there will not be enough memory
> available when Arcserve tries to backup this server. Arcserve is on a
> different server. My other concern is that if I unload the Sybase
> application, and then reload it, I get a message saying server logical
> address space is running low, restart the server with the -u406925312
> switch, even thogh I have already done this. any suggestions would be
> greatly appreciated.

After unloading it the memory it had in use will be migrating between
pools - don't instantly reload the app, allow the server to settle down.

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