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><DIV>Excellent point.&nbsp; Either make ConsoleOne a native Windows =
>application like NWadmin32 that doesn't require a dual Xeon with 2GB of =
>RAM to run, or make sure that iManager works well on non-MS browsers. Oh, =
>and&nbsp;create Groupwise snapins for iManager while you are at it =
>too.&nbsp; </DIV>
><DIV>Everyone should bug Novell until they do it. Should help hopefully.<BR=
>><BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &lt;geoffs.nospamge@otcnetworks.invalid.com&gt; 01/14/05 =

>3:07 PM &gt;&gt;&gt;<BR></DIV>
><DIV style=3D"COLOR: #000000">&gt; I raised that same point, with =
>managers, engineers, and etc..<BR>&gt; I got the "well, the whole world =
>uses IE, so that's what we<BR>&gt; developed everything to" answers. I =
>argued the point that forcing<BR>&gt; me to use MS products was probably =
>not in N's best interests.<BR><BR>My response to that would have been =
>something like:<BR>Well, If "the whole world" uses IE and Windows, then =
>stop writing in Java<BR>so people using it can do administration with less =
>than 256MB of RAM and a<BR>2+Ghz machine and still get done in less than =
>30 minutes.<BR><BR>Few things annoy me more than using a cross platform =
>tool such as HTML or<BR>Java to make (needlessly) platform specific =

sorry for the post, I am having problems with my news reader and I am trying
to troubleshoot.