I am setting up a new server to add to my network and I need help answering this question.

The new server is going to be off site, at a new location. My main server here is UMCHS_SVR1. This is going to be UMCHS_SVR3.

During set up (after I put in the IP info), I am being asked for DNS information which I assume will be the Primary and Secondary DNS info for the ISP that is providing Internet Access out at the site.

My question is, for host name I assume I'll put in UMCHS_SVR3. Is that correct?

What do I put in the domain field? My main server resolves to mail.mycompany.com, that's the main domain for the IP adddress on UMCHS_SVR1. Do I enter that into the domain info field on this new server so that it will be recognized in my network/tree?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, just want to make sure I do it right.